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What are the delivery charges for orders from Omega Medicine Store ?
We offer overnight delivery to the USA and Canada at $40. For a normal 3-day shipping, the charge is $30. Likewise, any other place in the world(UK, Europe, Australia etc) the charge is $30.

Do I need a Prescription to Order from you?
No Prescriptions to order from us.

Are your products approved by FDA?
All our products are of the best quality from approved by U.S. FDA facilities.

What is the package like?
They either come in bottles, loose pills or blister packs in the form of tablets or capsules in sealed envelope as documents. We value your privacy and therefore on the envelope it is indicated only your name and your shipping address.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For now, we accept Western union, MoneyGram, Bitcoins and Amazon gift cards. You can use your Credit Card to pay online with Western union or MoneyGram.

What is Bitcoin and how does it operate ?

To easily get Bitcoin, You will have to create an account at
There, you will look up for a seller that accepts the type of payment you will like to use (Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Amazon Gifts Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash in Hand, etc.).
Then launch a trade with the seller to buy bitcoins worth your order.
This will be kept on an escrow mode and once you pay for the bitcoins, the seller will release the bitcoins and will have it in your bitcoin wallet.
You will send this Bitcoin to our bitcoin address found on the checkout page after you place your order. Once this is deposited into our Bitcoin wallet, notify us either by email or text and we’ll confirm and inform you. We’ll then ship your package and issue you with a live tracking number to proceed.

Can I use my Credit Card to make payments or transfer the money from my Bank (Bank Transfer)?Bank transfers and/or Credit Cards are not our recommended method but if the above options are not possible, payments can be made through the Western Union online facility. Please be aware that if any refunds are due, the money must be returned to the original source. You will need to provide bank account details and proof that the original payment was made from that account or card.

What are your Shipping terms and Policies?
We ship to physical addresses as well as PO Boxes. No SIGNATURES are required. Packaging is secure and the package is marked as 100% discreet when shipping. So, your security and ours are guaranteed. We ship worldwide to the UK, Australia, Europe, Russia etc …

Do you offer refunds?
We offer full refunds without any questions if the package gets lost in the hands of the shipping company, or is seized by custom. Package held by customs for clarification is a different thing. We do NOT offer refunds if the package was shipped to a wrong address you provided. So, always make sure to type in your contact info correctly.

What is your cancellation policy?
Before placing your order, make sure to understand our shipping terms carefully. You may cancel your order before it has been approved.

How do you ship orders? What Services do you use?
We ship with FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS

What if my order is delayed at customs?
If your order is held up at customs and you do not receive your order, please contact us and we will reship your order at no additional cost or if you cannot wait for the reshipment we may return your money.

What am I to do if a part of my order is missing?
If you are missing a part of the order it means that your order was divided into two packages, You will receive your second package in a couple of days.In any case, please contact us and we will find out the reason and reship the missing pills.


  • Firstly, NO SIGNATURE is required for ANY delivery. Customer Security is very important.
  • We do offer interstate and worldwide shipping which is very Discreet, Secure and Safe and We give our customers 100% guarantee that your order will make it through customs of your country without any problems.

  • Double Vacuum Seal and Stealth Package on all orders so it can’t be scent detected by canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers,

  • If your shipment does not arrive we can provide you with proof of shipment and you are compensated but will give no refunds unless it is our error.

  • We do also send customized packages (diplomatic sealed ) which evade all custom checks.

We ship with the following services FedEx, DHL, TNT UPS


Our pick-up option is available on weekdays between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM at our location 1550 Empire Central, Dallas, TX 75235 the evening you order.


We understand that situations any arise and you may decide to want a money back refund. If you no longer want your medications after you’ve made payments, we’ll need a 48-hour notice to refund your money back without any questions. We appreciate your understanding.


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